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Our research shows that 92%* of car buyers now use two or more car search websites as part of their car buying journey - which can take them up to six weeks*. Advertising on our trusted partner sites boosts your visibility throughout the journey, giving you the best chance of selling your vehicles quickly.

Plus, you know how important - and how difficult - it is to rank on the first page of search results. By combining an established audience of millions of users on eBay Motors, Gumtree Motors and Motors.co.uk with our partner brands we can help you increase your search visibility. In fact, our sites appear in the top ten for over 283,318 car related search terms, 85,000 more than any other leading vehicle advertising website**.

Sources: *eMG Digital Touchpoints Survey June 2021
**Sistrix, June 2020.

'Sites' include: Gumtree Motors, Motors.co.uk and the eMG partner sites, excluding eBay Motors. Comparison based on total volume of vehicle related search terms that at least one of our sites appears in the top ten of search engine results