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Why eMG?

What we offer dealers

The eMG difference

We're proud to be your partner, complementing your know-how with our digital and search expertise that gets vehicles seen and sold.

Maximise your stock's visibility across our sites, which cover different searchers at different journey stages, all managed through one easy-to-use Dealer Centre, for a digitally smarter way to advertise that's in tune with how people buy vehicles today.

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Looking out for #1

Our search stats stack up

You know how important - and how difficult - it is to rank on the first page of search results. With an established audience of millions of users, eBay Motors, Gumtree Motors and Motors.co.uk have over 50 years of experience in digital advertising, and a partner network including some of the most trusted names in car buying.

That's why at least one of our sites appear on page 1 for over 400,000 car related search terms, more than double any other leading vehicle advertising website*.

*Source: Sistrix, November 2019.

'Sites' include: Gumtree Motors, Motors.co.uk and the eMG partner sites, excluding eBay Motors. Comparison based on total volume of vehicle related search terms that at least one of our sites appears on page 1 of search engines for.

Multi-touchpoint visibility

Greater presence on the buyer's journey

Can you afford to put all your eggs in one basket? Unlike our competitors, we enable dealers to reach buyers multiple times in the search journey, through our combination of owned and partner sites.

We call this multi-touchpoint visibility. And with buyers searching in a range of ways at different times, more people would consider using us, with 92% of buyers intending to use at least one of the eMG sites for their next car purchase*.

*Source: eMG Digital Touchpoints Survey Oct 2019

Manage multiple sites

...From one place, effortlessly

Such a breadth of touchpoints and optimised search results would normally come with the effort and expense of managing multiple advertising relationships.

eMG offers an easy solution and a way for you to manage, monitor and maximise reach and results, all through a single account manager and our new Dealer Centre.

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Incredible visibility

Amazing value

Our business is designed to deliver great value leads and save time through a single point of contact that allows you to cost effectively access a network of websites like never before.

We offer a choice of products to suit every kind of dealer, large or small with different levels of visibility available across our sites depending on which package you select.

All packages come with the same access to our smart, easy-to-use tools, lead analysis, reporting and a dedicated account manager.

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Investing in intelligence & data

A smarter way to target buyers

Under the eMG brand, we have brought together the combined expertise and consumer reach of eBay, Motors.co.uk's car-selling expertise and Gumtree's local reach as well as our eMG partner network brands, all optimised for the searches that matter and we're ready to help you drive your business forward.

We continue to evolve our platform and products to respond to consumer buying trends, investing in usability research and car buying insight studies to help you increase leads now and plan for the exciting future ahead.

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