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SUVs, 4X4s and convertibles top the fastest selling used cars in June, reports Gumtree

  • Skoda Yeti Outdoor was the fastest selling used car in June
  • Fiat 500C and Mazda MX-5 the fastest selling convertibles
  • Ford was the fastest selling used car brand, averaging 35.6 days to sell

15 July 2021: The Skoda Yeti Outdoor was the fastest selling used car in June, spending an average of just 19.4 days on dealer forecourts, according to Gumtree's OEM* Market View, powered by data from Motors.co.uk.

The Kia Sorento was in second place averaging 22.3 days, followed by the Land Rover Discovery (23.1 days), Citroen Berlingo (24.5 days) and Volkswagen Touareg (24.7 days).

Buyers eager to enjoy some summer motoring saw quick stock turnarounds for convertibles led by the Fiat 500C (25.5 days) and Mazda MX-5 (25.7 days).

Overall, average days to sell for franchised dealers improved month-on-month from 34 to 30.5 days, although average stock levels dropped from 52.5 to 49.7 units.

"Our OEM Market View data shows how SUVs, 4X4s and convertibles dominated the fastest selling cars on Motors.co.uk in June. The attraction of these lifestyle vehicles is likely to have been driven, in part at least, by consumers choosing to buy a car as plans to jet away on holiday were put on hold because of Covid restrictions," said Navbir Dhillon, head of advertising sales at Gumtree .

"The Top 10 saw an eclectic mix of mainstream and volume brands all with cars selling in less than four weeks, significantly outpacing the national average achieved by franchised dealers," he said.

The most searched brand online for used cars on Motors.co.uk was Ford, taking a 12.4% share of all views. Followed by Volkswagen (8.7%), Vauxhall (8%), BMW (7.3%) and Audi (7.1%).

Ford was also the fastest selling used car brand with its models averaging just 35.6 days to sell, almost a week faster than the pre-Covid rate of 41.7 days in June 2019. Year-on-year improvements were also achieved by Vauxhall (36.9 days), Volkswagen (37.6 days), Audi (37.6 days) and BMW (38.5 days).

"It was encouraging to see days to sell reduce across most price bands with June witnessing both monthly and year-on-year improvements. Some of the fastest sellers were priced between £15,000 and £40,000 which averaged 34 days to sell, compared to 39 days in May and 38 days in June 2019," said Dhillon.

Data source: Motors.co.uk Data Warehouse, June 2021 vs. May 2021, June 2020 and June 2019.