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eBay Motors Group research reveals buyers spend over five weeks searching for the right car

  • Buyers spend an average of 40.5 days searching for their next car. 
  • A third of car buyers search for six weeks or longer before purchasing. 
  • Age is a key factor in determining how long buyers search for. 

16 December 2019:  Buyers take an average of 40.5 days to search for their next car purchase, with 33% of purchasers taking at least six weeks, according to research by eBay Motors Group.

The eBay Motors Group Digital Touchpoints Study of over 2,200 car buyers, conducted by Insight Advantage, also identifies a link between the time spent searching and a buyer's age.

Younger buyers spend the least time in the process with 18-24 year olds taking less than two weeks (12 days) to search for a car, followed by 25-34 year olds who take 32 days, while 35-44 year olds average 39 days.

Buyers aged over 45 spend much longer on the process averaging over 46 days, more than six weeks, before making a final decision.

Overall, male and female buyers are evenly matched, respectively spending an average of 41 and 40 days searching.

"Our research has revealed just how long it takes buyers to search for their next car with the process averaging over five weeks for most buyers, with over a third of all purchasers taking six weeks or longer," said Dermot Kelleher, eBay Motors Group's Head of Marketing and Business Intelligence.

"Age is clearly an important factor in determining how long is spent searching with nearly two-thirds (61%) of buyers under 35 saying purchases are driven by imminent life events including becoming a parent or needing a car for school age children. These buyers are in a hurry and typically spend less than a month searching for a car.

"While customers under 25 spend less than two weeks searching with many being first time buyers without trade-ins to sort out.

The study illustrates the need for dealers to consider the impact of changing lifestyles on buyers and factor this into their online marketing.

"With most buyers spending longer searching for the right car, it's essential that dealers build and maintain high online visibility through multiple digital touchpoints to enable buyers to start narrowing down their options ahead of visiting showrooms," said Kelleher.


Further details available from Dermot Kelleher on 07717 516555 or dkelleher@ebay.com

About the eBay Motors Group Digital Touchpoints Study
The eBay Motors Group Digital Touchpoints Study was conducted online in October 2019 by Insight Advantage, the independent research company. The national sample consisted of 2,203 adults who are sole or joint decision makers when buying a car. The full research will be published in the New Year.

About eBay Motors Group
Formed in December 2019, the eBay Motors Group is an advertising platform for automotive retailers, enabling them to reach millions of buyers across eBay Motors, Gumtree Motors and Motors.co.uk and its network of partner websites.

Whilst consumers will continue to enjoy separate 'shop windows' across all existing websites, the eBay Motors Group ensures dealers keep pace with these customers across multiple digital touchpoints during the buying journey, via one stock management and response reporting tool and a single point of account management.

The eBay Motors Group strengthens the eBay Classifieds Group's expansion strategy in the UK and its competitive position in the UK automotive market. eBay Motors Group packages will be available to dealers in January 2020, with dealers able to pre-register their interest now on www.ebaymotorsgroup.co.uk