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eBay Motors Group highlights importance of responding swiftly to leads

  • Over 40% of customers do not phone dealers back within 48 hours of a missed call/voicemail
  • Risk of losing sales with 21% choosing to call another dealer instead
  • Audit of over 30,000 sales leads highlights prevalence of quality leads

15 July 2022 - With used car demand being suppressed by the cost of living crisis, dealers need to ensure they respond to incoming leads effectively, as research from eBay Motors Group shows how customers are shopping elsewhere if they fail to get timely responses to their enquiries.

The research identified how 41% of customers do not phone a dealer within 48 hours of their missed calls or voicemails not being returned and 21% making calls to other dealers within the same period.

The survey reviewed the lead quality of a sample of over 30,000 calls and emails generated across the group's marketplace platforms and found only 7% were not directly related to a vehicle purchase, highlighting the importance of actioning every lead. The research identified how nearly half (48%) of all leads received by dealers could be classified as 'highly engaged sales leads' covering vehicle reservations, test drive requests and enquiries about part-exchanges, finance and deposits.

A further 45% were categorised as 'engaged sales leads' with customers asking if the car they are interested in buying is still available, asking for more information about it or enquiring about the best price.

"With the cost of living crisis suppressing used car demand, dealers need to be even more vigilant in the way they handle leads from potential customers, with our research showing just how serious buyers are once they've found a vehicle online and then getting in touch with dealers direct," said Lucy Tugby, head of marketing at eBay Motors Group.

"During the Covid lockdowns, when showrooms were closed to customers, dealers worked harder than ever to convert incoming leads. Dealers who continue to do this are ideally placed to maximise their sales opportunities in the current market.

"The importance of actioning incoming leads cannot be overestimated, with the research showing how 93% of the leads generated across our platforms directly related to the purchase of a vehicle. Consumers typically generate a lead at the end of weeks of research, meaning they are highly engaged and ready to buy.

"Even the small number of leads not about car purchases were valuable as they included aftersales enquiries about servicing and MoTs and were prompted by customers viewing car adverts. This further demonstrates the value to dealers of building their brands on marketplaces," said Tugby.

Source: eBay Motors Group, Lead Audit, May 2022
Further details available from Lucy Tugby on 07970 856545 or ltugby@eclassifiedsgroup.com