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Dealers urged to embrace inbound leads, with consumer enquiries surging as showrooms reopen with reduced walk-ins

  • Month-on-month sales leads across eBay Motors Group up 45% in May
  • Email leads in fortnight before reopening up 65% year-on-year
  • Telephone leads rise 25% in same period

With social distancing reducing footfall in reopened car showrooms across England, dealers are being urged to put processes in place to manage a significantly increased level of sales leads.

Data from the eBay Motors Group shows sales leads generated across the eBay Motors Group platforms increased by 45% in May compared to April. The 2 weeks prior to reopening being key to the increase with email leads up 65% and telephone leads up 25%.*

"We strongly advise dealers to treat telephone and email enquiries with more importance than usual.  They need to be ready for a world with significantly fewer walk-ins.  Consumers are making contact with dealers seeking reassurance on transacting safely and the consumer will expect a prompt and informative reply.  In particular, we see emails spike in-line with consumers searching out of hours when they know calls are unlikely to be answered.  These should be prioritised for a response in the morning." said Marc Robinson, Head of Sales at eBay Motors Group.

"eBay Motors Group dealers in England reopened their showrooms with significantly higher levels of enquiries across the eBay Motors Group platforms than the same period last year, highlighting the pent-up demand for used cars created by the Covid-19 lockdown. Responding to these enquiries promptly and engaging properly with customers will be crucial to successful restarts of dealer operations and create an opportunity to increase sales conversion," he said.

Sales leads have been growing steadily week-on-week since the beginning of the lockdown, only dipping slightly as a result of the spring bank holidays at the beginning and end of May.

eBay Motors Group also reported price stability throughout May with the top 50 makes and models across its platforms rising by an average of 0.7%. Within this figure independents saw an average increase of 2.7% and franchised dealers a drop of 0.6%.

*Source: eBay Motors Group data warehouse, (May 2020)