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Buyer confidence boosted by using multiple car search websites

  • Buyers use an average of more than three online marketplaces when searching for a vehicle
  • Desire to ensure pricing consistency cited as a key consideration for visiting multiple sites

Most buyers use at least three different online search websites when researching car purchases according to research by eBay Motors Group.

The findings show that buyers use an average of 3.5 sites, with 64% using three or more sites and 40% using at least four online marketplaces. Only 11% of buyers claim to use one car search website.

The eBay Motors Group Digital Touchpoints Study of over 2,200 car buyers, conducted by Insight Advantage, shows how buyer confidence builds when using multiple online marketplaces with 80% saying they shop around to make sure they have found the car they want at the best possible price.

Other factors cited by buyers for visiting multiple car search platforms include ensuring they have seen a wide choice of cars in their search area (73%) and to check the car they want to buy is not being sold cheaper elsewhere (70%).

"Customers searching online for their next car purchase are understandably focused on buying the right car at the best possible price and using multiple car search websites is providing them with this peace of mind," said Dermot Kelleher, Head of Marketing and Research at eBay Motors Group.

"The challenge facing dealers is being visible in this digital-first car buying world. Our research shows the benefits for dealers who advertise on multiple platforms because that is how buyers are searching. The more touchpoints a dealer has with a buyer, the greater the chance of an enquiry and a sale", said Kelleher.