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eBay Motors Group reports stability in April as prices dip 1.5% but dealers' stock and days to sell improve marginally

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Used car market stability continues in March, reports eBay Motors Group

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Multi-touchpoint visibility for dealers

The smarter way to get seen

One of the biggest challenges automotive retailers face today is making sure their vehicles are seen online often enough to sell as quickly as possible. It's simple, really: 60% of used car buyers agree that seeing a car in multiple locations makes them more likely to enquire about it*.

Through one contract, you can now advertise your stock across eBay Motors, Gumtree Motors and Motors.co.uk and across the eMG partner network brands and reach millions of car buyers at different stages of their car buying journey.

*Source: eMG Digital Touchpoints Study June 2021

Why eMG?
Insights from our Digital Touchpoints Study
Uncovering the way buyers search today

Our Digital Touchpoints Study of over 2,000 UK car buyers highlighted the importance for dealers of reaching car buyers multiple times over the course of their search journey.

The car buying process is complex and on on average lasts more than 6 weeks*, so the best way you can reach the maximum number of buyers is to be present in as many digital touchpoints as possible.

*Source: eMG Digital Touchpoints Study June 2021

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Understanding car buyers

What's driving their search?

We've identified four main types of car searchers*, each with different information and search tool needs. From 'Deal Searchers' who know what they want and visit multiple sites to find the best deal to 'Cautious Searchers' who worry about many elements of the process and prefer to use well-known websites and dealers. eMG's network of sites helps you reach all kinds of searchers, simply and cost effectively.*Source: eMG Digital Touchpoints Study Oct 2019

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